Project 2 – Recording and Capturing

Exercise 1.4 Line and Edges

I havn’t been blogging for a while unfortunately due to heath problems, but I’m finally feeling like I want to get stuck back in to the course, although I may have to speed up a little!

After experimenting with different types of line in my sketchbook I looked at my archival pieces again with a view to capturing certain aspects and features using linear marks.

Piece 1

In this piece I used a chunky marker pen to create lines to represent one of the embroidered flowers on the parade cape. The embroidery on the petals seem to be long straight stitches, so I tried to capture this with linear marks travelling in the same direction.


Piece 2

In this drawing I used pencil to capture the horizontally embroidered gold work  flowers on the bullfighters jacket. I used short linear marks to represent the rows of embroidery across the petals.



Piece 3

In this piece I attempted to capture smaller decoration on the shoulder of the bullfighters jacket. The decoration appears to use threads which criss cross around a circular shape, so I used long lines to portray a similar effect.


Piece 4

Here I used charcoal to create lines to represent the tassel decoration on the bullfighters jacket. I used straight lines to show the shiny silken ball of the tassel and curly lines to show the fluffy tufts of the tassels.


Piece 5

In this drawing I tried to capture the sequinned trim and stitching along the of edges slit in the parade cape. I used ink to create simple lines to outline the sequins and long lines to show the stitching.


Piece 6

In this drawing I tried to capture one of the embroidered flowers on the parade cape. I used a carpenters pencil which has a large wide lead. The lead had a nick in the middle which  gave the drawing an interesting effect, creating a double line effect.


Piece 7

In this drawing I experimented using a continuous line. I did this on A4 with a pencil as I was initially quite scared at the thought of not being bale to take my pencil from the paper. As I went on I found that my drawing became very fluid, and moved more freely than with my usual drawings. I was pleasantly surprised at the result.


Piece 8

Again I thought I would experiment with a continuous line, and try to capture some detail of the bullfighters jacket. Again I was nervous at the thought of not taking my pencil off the paper, but it turned out quite well.


Piece 9

This is another drawing using a continuous line. Again I used pencil as I was worried I would make a mess. This time I thought I would try to capture more detail, so I drew the trefoil shapes embroidered on the bullfighters jacket. Again I was pleasantly surprised at the result!


Piece 10/11

In the next three drawings I decided to use a different method of drawing using my ipad ‘Art Set’, which basically involves drawing with your finger on the touch screen. In the first picture I decided to have a go at drawing blind, with my eyes closed. In the next drawing I used a continuous line to draw a flower on the parade cape.


Blind Drawing                                           Continuous line drawing

Piece 12


Continuous line drawing

Here I also used my ipad ‘Art Set’ to capture the sequinned trim and embroidery along the collar edge of the parade cape.

Picece 13

In this piece I decided to try using my left hand (I am normally right handed) to draw some smaller daisy type flowers on the parade cape. The result is rather wobbly, but has given a different dimension to the picture.


Piece 14

Here I also used my left hand to capture the embroidery of the Lady Guadalupe on the parade cape. I used pencil as I was a little apprehensive as to what it would turn out like.


Piece 15

In this piece I used a fine liner ink pen to create dotted lines, to represent an embroidered flower on the parade cape. This is one of my favorite pieces, but took a long time to do.


Piece 16

Finally I decided a good way to used a dashed or broken line would be to use stitch. I love sewing, and so decided to use a running stitch to create the outline of the Lady of Guadalupe. I used black stranded thread on white cotton fabric, and was pleased at the outcome.




30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

Here is my next two days of sketches.

Day 14 – Favourite Fairytale

As I like so many fairytales, it was difficult to decide which to draw. In the end I decided I would try to draw Cinderella with her beautiful ballgown and pumpkin coach.

Day 15 – Favourite Book

Again it was difficult to decide on a favourite, so I decided to draw the last book I has read to my son, George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dhal.


2016-06-04 14.12.02.jpg

Project 2 Recording and capturing

Excercise 1.4 Line and Edges

Before beginning this exercise I decided to experiment in my larger A2 sketchbook, drawing lines using different media. I used a regular pencil and a carpenters wide lead pencil, felt tipped pen, fineliner pen, a pastel pencil, wax crayon, chunky italic and round tipped marker pen and charcoal. I also used chalk, oil pastel, a quadrate charcoal stick, a graphite stick, water colour paint and a paint brush with poster paint.

I tried to capture different modes of line, including dotted, dashed, broken, scratched, fluid, fluffy, and fuzzy or blurred. I also tried to consider the concept of a ‘lazy line’, to which I struggled not knowing quite what this means. I assume it would be a line which is slowly drawn, having no particular direction.


2016-06-02 14.12.52.jpg

Below is more line experiments using ink. I used this with a dipping nib, a feather and a cotton bud. I then tried making lines using poster paint (I prefer this to acrylic as I find this more free flowing and easier to use with mark making tools). I used a pipe cleaner, a teasel, a chip fork, a toothbrush, a sponge brush, a pom pom and a bunch of cotton buds tied together.

My favourite lines include the carpenters lead pencil, graphite stick, charcoal, water colour paint, feather and bunch of cotton buds which I am going to try to use in my next set of drawings.


2016-06-03 16.14.52



30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

Day 11 – Something purple

I couldn’t think of many things which are purple, except for flowers. So I decided to draw an Iris flower. I used lead pencil to get my outline, and finished off with water colour pencils.


2016-06-02 14.11.27.jpg

Day 12 – Flag of the Country your from

I decided to draw the Union Jack, but could have draw the George Cross as I am English, however I thought the Union Jack was more colourful! I also drew the white rose, as this is a symbol for Yorkshire.

Day 13 – Favourite movie character

I loved Arnold Schwarzenegger as a child, and still love him today. My favourite film with him is Terminator 2, which I went to the cinema twice to see in the 90’s! I aslo tried to draw his robotic arm.


30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

I am still on with my 30 Day sketchbook challenge, however it it taking longer than I anticipated! However once I get started on the next days challenge, I get hooked and want to do more! Here is another 5 days worth of sketches, which I have coloured using water colour pencils as I have been craving to use some colour! I have then sponged the background with with water colour paints.


2016-05-27 12.22.54

DAY 6 – Something you dislike

Here I have drawn brussels sprouts, cigarettes and tea. All of which I dislike immensely!

DAY 7 – Favourite animated character

I couldn’t decide which animated character to draw, as I like so many! In the end I decided to draw Spongebob SquarePants and Patrick, as my son loves them, and I was hoping they wouldn’t be too difficult to draw!

DAY 8 – Something you miss

My first though was to draw a person that I miss, such as a grandparent. However I then thought that my drawing skills could not do them justice, so I tried to think of something else. It may seem strange that I have drawn a train, but as a child trains used to run along the hillside near my home, but they no longer run now as I suppose the line was not viable, and the train track was later was taken up. It did later however become part of the Trans Pennine Way, which cyclists and walkers now use. However I still miss the trains!

DAY 9 – Logo of a band you like

There was many band logos I could have chosen but they were mostly words, or text. I decided I liked The Rolling Stones band logo as this had a picture within it.

DAY 10 – Favourite things when you were little

For this I chose to draw a roller boot, and a rubiks cube. I remember when I was young enjoying roller skating at the local sports centre.  Also playing with my ribiks cube pulling off the stickers and arranging them in colour!

Project 2 Recording and capturing

Exercise 1.3 Making marks



More mark making experiments in my sketchbook. I also used some basic printing/stenciling as well. Below – I used a comb, a matchstick on its side, the ends of a bunch of matchsticks tied together, the end of a nerf dart, the edge of a piece of card cut with pinking shears, a springy clothes peg on its end. I also used some bubble wrap to print and make marks, and some sequin waste which I used as a simple stencil.

2016-05-04 12.31.23.jpg

It was difficult for me to distinguish the difference between mark making, and printing as I believe they run in close proximity. But I carried on having fun making marks using a feather, glue spreader, drinking straw, toothbrush, the edge of a store card, a teasel plant, end of a pencil, a scrunched up piece of paper, plastic chip fork, a piece of string, homemade raffia brush, and a small pom pom.

I also made marks by printing with a multi link cube, a cotton reel, sponging, and used some handmade paper to print/stencil through.

2016-05-04 12.29.08.jpg

Exercise 1.3 Making Marks

These are my drawings based on my three archival pieces.

Piece – 1

The Ivory Waistcoat. I used acrylic to paint the waistcoat on cartridge paper, using my homemade raffia brush, glue spreader and shop loyalty card. I used heavy thick marks to represent the sturdiness of the garment.

2016-05-04 13.28.39

Piece – 2

I tried to capture the detail on the front of the waistcoat using various tools with acrylic paint on thin cardboard. I used a piece of curved card to create the flowers, and a glue spreader to create the diamond shapes. I used the end of a pencil to create the sequin detail and a feather to create the whispy edges of the braiding. I also used a toothbrush to create the tassels.

2016-05-04 13.29.12

Piece – 3

In this picture I tried to capture the detail on the shoulder of the bullfighters jacket. The shoulder is embellished using gold threads, sequins and gemstones. I used the edge of a piece of cardboard to capture the pattern of the gold threads, and cotton reels and the end of a pencil to make marks to represent the sequins and gems.

2016-05-04 13.29.55.jpg2015-10-22 12.34.01

Piece – 4

In this drawing I tried to draw the tassels and gold work and gem detail on the front of the bullfighters jacket, using charcoal on cartridge paper. I tried to capture the light and reflection in the gems by using circular marks the with the charcoal.

2016-05-04 13.31.06

Piece – 5

In this piece I tried to capture the embroidery on the front of the cape using a acrylic paint and a cotton bud. I also used a toothbrush to create the flowers.

2016-05-04 13.32.14

Piece – 6

I again tried to capture a more magnified picture of the embroidered flowers on the parade cape. I used acrylic paint to make marks with a piece of card which I had cut with pinking shears to create a zig zag edge. I also used a glue spreader to create the foliage.

2016-05-04 13.32.52

Piece – 7

In this piece I sketched the rough shape of the parade cape, and tried to capture the drape of the fabric. I used tracing paper and a graphite stick, as I believe the paper represents the lightweight fabric of the cape.

2016-05-24 14.11.01

Piece – 8

Here I tried to capture the embroidery of the Lady Guadalupe on the parade cape. I used poster paint on cartridge paper, and used cotton buds, a feather, scrunched up paper and a chip fork to create marks.

2016-05-17 10.57.25

Piece – 9

Here I tried to capture the detail on the sleeve of the bullfighters jacket. I made marks using a plastic chip fork to create the foliage and flowers, and a rawl plug to represent the sequins.

2016-05-17 11.03.37

Piece – 10

In this piece I used marks to create the outline and some of the detail on the front of the bullfighters jacket. I made marks with poster paint, using a pom pom, the end of a pencil and a toothbrush.

2016-05-17 11.13.25

Piece – 11

In this piece I used a large permanent marker pen on cartridge paper to create marks in order to create a close up picture of the flowers on the cape.

2016-05-17 10.58.23

Piece – 11

In This piece I used a black felt tipped pen to create small dashed marks. I tried to capture the full shape and elements of the design of the bullfighters jacket.

2016-05-24 14.11.35.jpg

Piece – 12

I used a black pastel pencil on smooth white foam board to create marks to represent the frayed braiding on the ivory waistcoat, and decorative detail. I also tried to capture the grain and texture of the fabric used.

2016-05-24 15.57.00.jpg

Piece – 13

In this piece I made marks using a quadrate charcoal stick. I tried to capture the circular shapes of the sequins, by twisting around the stick on its side. I then made shorter marks to represent the gold work threads holding the sequins together.

2016-05-24 16.00.07


Project 2 Recording and capturing

Exercise 1.3 Making marks

I have decided to make a list of the qualities which I think are relevent to the textile pieces I have chosen, so that I can develop marks that will best capture their features.

Piece 1 – Enrique Ponce jacket

Bobbly, textured, firmness, repetition, weight, pattern, shiny, reflective, metallic, embellished, decoration, smoothness, construction

Piece 2 – Ivory waistcoat

Textured, sturdyness, repetition, weight, pattern, damage, fragility, old, frayed, decoration, jewelled, metallic, tasselled, construction

Piece 3 – Parade Cape

Texture, repetition, weight, pattern, shiny, embellished, reflective, colourful, floral, creased, drape, flexible, structure, decoration, fluidity, smoothness, delicacy, construction

I have also made a list of the marks which I think will represent the qualities of the textile pieces.

  • Texture/textured – wool or yarn, stitch, crumpled paper
  • Bobbly – crumbled paper, round tool marks
  • Firmness/sturdyness – thick lines
  • Repetition – dots, dabs, small lines
  • Weight – heavy firm dark marks, solid lines
  • Pattern/Decoration/Floral – tool marks of varying size and shape
  • Shiny/Reflective – wide even straight lines, smudges
  • Embellished/patterned – different tool marks, short curves and marks
  • Metallic – even marks, thick solid marks
  • Smoothness – Even marks, strokes
  • Construction – long and short marks
  • Damage – light marks, whispy tool marks
  • Fragility – light whispy marks, jagged lines
  • Old – uneven marks, jagged
  • Frayed – fine lines, whispy brush marks, feather etc
  • Jewelled – marks of varying shape, light and dark marks
  • Tasselled – parrallel lines using tools, twig brush etc
  • Colourful – marks of differing tones, light and dark
  • Creased – long and short marks, uneven marks
  • Drape – long flowing marks, lines
  • Flexible – soft long strokes
  • Structure – detailed smaller marks

Some of the tools I have decided to use for mark making include, a shop loyalty card, toothbrush, sponge, edge of a piece of card cut with pinking shears. Cotton reels, end of a pencil (wrong way up) home made raffia brush, fine twig brush, cotton bud, yarn, a feather.

2016-02-19 17.55.10

Marks made with acrylic using found and handmade tools (Above)